I'm starting to wonder

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Is Usain Bolt a legitimate human being? Can we see a birth certificate? DNA test? Somethin! I ask because he ran 9.58 in the 100 m dash, setting a new world record. Of course there's speculation he can run even faster.

I'll keep this short, I, Werdssmith, have a simple question? Is Usain Bolt the most physically gifted athlete in the world? I would say he is easily the most physically gifted athlete since Randy Moss broke onto the scene.

Bolt is a breath of fresh air on the track and field scene. Maurice Greene brought some people to track, but Bolt's extraordinary ability is making people take notice. It's too early to crown him like Carl Lewis was crowned. He has to do long term to get on Carl's level.

If Bolt did sign on with a NFL team, he wouldn't need to run anything but 9 routes. ALL. DAY. LONG.

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