Does Reggie Bush have too many distractions

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Reggie Bush has been a staple of the tabloids and the blogosphere.  Reggie is also working to rid himself of the stigma "gadget back."  It would make sense to Stank-0 for Reggie to focus on football and not on breezies. 

There's a rumor that a porn star got it in with Mr. Bush during his relationship with Kim K...and there's an alleged tape. This is exactly the type of distraction Reggie doesn't need. 

Stank-0 will give some free unwarranted advice. 

  1. Lock yourself in the film room.  Everyone is on to the fact you try to hit the corner and then turn upfield.  You need a new gimmick.  Between the tackles? 
  2. Hire a personal trainer.  Get a Sgt. Slaughter, get-in-your-face type trainer and get yourself ready.
  3. Get a duplicate key made to the stadium and weight room.  Spend time in there getting ready for the season. 
  4. Save a (garden tool) in the offseason.   
Did Stank-0 miss anything?

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