T.O. tribute

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The NFL Network decided to do a top 10 T.O. moments.  We here at The Stankoniforous Files will post some T.O. vids as well. 


TO - The star incident

Stank-0's favorite T.O. moment, when he clowned the Cowboy's star in TX stadium! 

Terrell Owens Mocking Ray Lewis

No one is immune even Ray Ray.  This was after he signed with the Ravens then decided he didn't want to play for them, and got himself dealt to Philly. 

Terrell Owens Top 5 Touchdown Celebrations

People take pro football so serious that they forget that their main job is to entertain us.  Outside of Ocho Cinco, TO has the most entertaining TD celebrations. 

What part of TO history did we miss? 

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