It's gettin hot in here

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This has nothin to do with Nelly, although, the lyrics are apt to describe the upcoming season for one Tony Romo.

The rumors have been flowing that Romo was gettin tired of the T.O.-influenced distractions. Now, T.O. is in up-state NY, so that removes Romo's biggest problem.

Romo better come out smokin next season. What excuse will he have to fall back on, that Wade was too much of a player's coach? That Yoko Romo's fluctuating weight gain messed him up on the field? That T.O. being in Buffalo in a completely different conference and division was too much for him to have to deal with in Dallas?

Honestly, Tony it's put up or shut up. If the Cowboys playoff futility continues another season, the blame should rest solely on the shoulders of Romo. Not Phillips. Not Jones...well..maybe. Not Simpson. Not Witten. Not Garrett.

NFL Fanhouse got it perfectly, Tony Romo meet the NFL's 2009 hot seat.

[Shout out to NFL Fanhouse]


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