PSA! Attention! Attention!

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Can we please get off the ACC's jock? Can we please get off Duke's jock? Can we please get off UNC's jock? They keep losing to team that don't even have their Dancing shoes ready.

Duke does not have the talent we are used to seeing and haven't had that talent since....*thinking*...Shane Battier, Jay Williams, and Mike Dunleavy, Jr. left school.

UNC is living off hype. Tyler Hansborough should not be the reigning Player of the Year and is not in the running to be the Player of the Year. Last year should have been B-Easy aka Michael Beasley, currently playing in MIA. That honor goes to the Griff.

Right now ESPN is still slobbin their knob about a 1 seed. Really!? Underwhelming losses and no dribble penetration defense. UNC is starting to look like the Jacksonville Jaguars of the NCAA. They play up or down to their competition.

Stank-0 is not sold on Ty Lawson being a quality point guard.


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