Numbers game

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The setting is MSG. The Knickerbockers have a tough road to hoe. Black Mamba dropped 60 + 1 yesterday. Kaing James is on his way.

There are a few things at play here. James and Bryant potentially playing "can you top this" in the Mecca of basketball. Everyone wanting to compare MJ fitty five to Kobe's Roger Maris.

Starting Five is correct this puts the James vs. Bryant debate to bed and tucks it in with milk and cookies, a bed time story, and a sweet dreams, unless James matches KB.

What needs to be highlighted is how undefensive the Knicks are now compared to the KNICKS back in the day. Cheering for an opposing player!? KB did not Wilt Chamberlain nobody, leave the cheer for the Staples Center.

[Shout out to Starting Five]


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