Spags got a job

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It was truly inevitable, however, Stank-0 is a little sad that new Chief's GM Scott Pioli couldn't get him to go to KC.  Instead he's the new head coach of the St. Louis Rams

Spagnuolo was hot property after he keyed the Giants upset Super Bowl win over the Patriots.  Spag's deal clocks in at under $12M. 

Spagnuolo was one of five finalists for the job, along with Haslett, Dallas offensive coordinator Jason Garrett
and defensive coordinators Rex Ryan of Baltimore and Leslie Frazier of
Minnesota. Garrett flew into St. Louis on Friday night, prompting
speculation he would be the new coach. But he was only here for another
interview and perhaps as a backup option in case Spagnuolo was hired

Over/under on how long it takes him to turn the team around? 

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