Simulation: BCS +1

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So Stank-0 mentioned a nightmare scenario, right after the BCS championship game. So I will take this a step further. A series of simulations.

#1 Florida vs. USC. Speed vs. speed + depth, however, the edge may go to Florida. They may have a faster team but USC can throw out multiple bodies that are quick. This would clearly be the most entertaining game of the three sims. Florida's D may be alot stouter as well. The game would obviously turn on UF's ability to stop USC.

#2 Florida vs Texas. Speed vs. intangibles. Florida would have the edge at skill positions, but QBs are basically a tie because McCoy's style is remarkably similar to Tebow's. UF's D is more experienced as well.

#3 Florida vs Utah. The Utes get consideration because they are the lone undefeated team in the BCS system. I only saw snippets of the bowl game against Alabama so I can't exactly break this down, however, the whole SEC team speed would overwhelm the Utes goes out the window for obvious reasons. This would be the most intriguing of the simulations.

On second thought, the nightmare didn't come true. Florida took the AP title. Was that correct?
How about we throw all this conjecture out and have a playoff?


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