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Maybe Stank-0 was right about the karmic fallout of firing Jagodzinski.

BC will be s**tted on through karma. Stank-0 won't feel one iota of sympathy when it happens. To the AD, who out there is better than the man you just fired? Very very very very...very few NFL OC's or DC's will be willing to step down and take that job so what exactly is your next move?

Damn, Stank-0 you a cold cold man, however, you might be on to something with this karma thing. Here's Exhibit A. I, for one, feel sorry for any basketball team that loses to Harvard.

Just like the past few days where BC's basketball team's win over the Tar Heels was overshadowed by the saga involving the school's football program, there was a large media contingent on hand before the game, but most of them left after the school's press conference announcing that football coach Jeff Jagodzinski was fired.

Well Stank-0damus, any more pearls of karma wisdom?


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