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The Memphis Grizzlies have fired Marc Iavaroni. The appropriate response is....and? The Grizz have been turrible.

Memphis relieved Marc Iavaroni of his duties as coach Thursday after an 11-30 record this season. He has the fifth-worst winning percentage in NBA coaching history. Here is a look:

Coach W-L Win %
Brian Winters 36-148 .196
Clair Bee 34-116 .227
Dick Harter 28-94 .230
Sidney Lowe 79-228 .257
Marc Iavaroni 33-90 .268

I want to make history myself, but not like that. Mr. Iavaroni, you are dismissed.

In other news, Zo has hung up the sneaks. Alonzo Mourning's retirement brings an era to a close. The era of the throw-it-in-the-paint-and-let-them-go-work big men.

Mourning, who turns 39 next month, played at Georgetown and was the second overall pick in the 1992 draft by the Charlotte Hornets. He also played for New Jersey but spent the majority of his career with the Heat, helping them reach the playoffs six consecutive years. He was the backup center to Shaquille O'Neal when Miami won the NBA title in 2006.

Goodbye Zo, we'll miss you.


On January 23, 2009 at 1:03 PM , Ed The Sports Fan said...

I wouldn't feel comfortable hiring someone named Iavaroni in the first place. Did the nigga corner the vowel market? I feel like he's showing off with having an I begin and end his last name. That's what he get, got his ass fired. Now they about to get they Gay Mayo on and make it happen.


On January 23, 2009 at 1:34 PM , S-dot Jr. said...

LOL. He's either Italian or from somewhere in Eastern Europe.

Mayo has a legit chance to be ROY. I like his game.

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