Pound 4 Pound

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You all knew it was just a matter of time, right? After Pacquiao swept aside de la Hoya, the target for the next megafight was naturally Money Mayweather (since he was in the last megafight vs. de la Hoya). It seems machinations are startin to kick into high gear.

This fight needs to happen. Mayweather was the reigning Pound 4 Pound champ, Pacquiao is the current. This fight will be electric. Floyd will not touch a ring unless that paper and the opposition is right. He neglected to beat down de la Hoya again for $20M because he knew that Oscar couldn't hang.

If Floyd is smart, he will hem and haw about not wanting to fight him to let the fever pitch build and the money for the fight continue to skyrocket. Boxing fans and casual observers want to see this fight. It will happen. Bet on that. Who takes this fight, Pac or Mayweather?

[Shout out to Sportaphile]


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