Everyone else is playin for 2nd

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This is the first post about video games in this blog's illustrious history. Stank-0 was put on right here. This video game is obviously about sports.

The game in question is Fight Night Round 4, due out in the spring/summer of 2009. What captured Stank-0 was the trailer....Ali vs. Tyson. Sickening! This will be hands down the best video to come out in 10 years on the strength of a selectable Tyson. Just having Tyson puts it in elite company but then throw in a selectable Ali. CURTAINS! EA got a hit on their hands. Guys, how exactly do you plan to top this for the next game?

The trailer can be found here as well.

Ali is undoubtedly the G.O.A.T., but wouldn't a young Kid Dynamite give him fits?

Dear readers, so what's the 2nd best game of 2009?

[Shout out to Sportaphile.com]


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