MNF: 5/9

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Kurt WarnerAP Photo/Ross D. Franklin

Finally, MNF came through after so many bad games. The number of good games (5) versus the total number of played. The Arizona Cardinals needed a goal line stand to win the game against the San Francisco 49ers. Kurt Warner threw for 328 yards, on 32-42 passing for 3 TDs.

The 9ers put up quite a fight though. Stank-0 didn't watch the entire game, but he saw the end of the game and the 9ers threw a few INTs to end the game.

From the highlights, Boldin and Fitz had a big day. The best receiver tandem in the league, PERIOD!! LOCK IT UP!

Also, this is the 100th post! It averages out to about 33 posts a month at this rate.

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