This is all just smoke and mirrors

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Stank-0 is referring to ESPN and the NFL network nutsack hangin fascination with all things Cowboys.  They seem to love to pile on, especially a certain Keyshawn Johnson.  Key has gotten a bit personal with T.O.

It seems like Warren Sapp is the only analyst being honest.  How quickly we forget.  Key was dismissed from the Bucs a few seasons ago, which lead to his unceremonious exit from that team to his final team, the Panthers. 

Key, if you really were tryin to help T.O, you would tell him, "Terrell, I have been where you are and I don't want to see you go that way.  It don't end well, bruh." 

Wouldn't that go over better?  Possibly, but it's not good for ratings.  Key givin T.O. constructive advice would not get people commenting on,, watching Sportscenter, etc. etc.  This comes down to paper, stacks, fetti, green, whatever you want to call it. 

In the end, what high level receiver hasn't complained about a lack of touches?  The venerable Jerry Rice overturned a table on MNF because he was decoy for an entire drive.  So let's not pretend that it started with T.O.

As for the Cowboys, they are the most entertaining team in the NFL.  Star studded with a Steinbrenner-like owner.  It compels you to watch, just to see what is gonna happen next.  Lots of teams lose their starting QB for a minute, but only the Cowboys' star power could turn that into 24 hours of news coverage. 

It's kinda sad.  Brad Johnson takes over until Romo comes back, story over.  How about talkin about the Titans' D (most physical in the league by the way).  That's a story.       

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