Post game notes

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Mike Singletary is intense, yall.  Don't ever EVER EVER EVER get it confused.  Singletary looks like he could chew steel and spit out nails. 

Mike Singletary Rant - Vernon Davis

If Coach Singletary asked me to run suicides, Stank-0 would strap up!  If the 49ers can't get motivated now, there's no hope at all.  This rant tops Dennis Green, cause this was just real. 

The Texans were straight up clownin the Bungles.  They were actin like
it was SOOOOOOOUUUUUUL TRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIN during the game.  The receivers need to keep it simple..just stick to the Electric Slide. Ya'll moves were horrible.  What tripped out Stank-0 was the defensive linemen's was killin it softly.

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