Favre legacy

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For those that don't know, Favre reportedly contacted the Lions and snitched on the Packers' game plan. 

Listening to Jim Rome on the radio, Stank-0 realized that this is what happens when the MSM (mainstream media aka the white mainstream) start circle jerkin, d**k riding hypin someone and never quits.  See black people tend to call this the newest Great White Hype.  Favre is the longest running GWH in pro football.  Brady and Manning are right behind him.

Now you have people re-thinkin Favre's legacy and his temperament.  Uh...we never knew him privately just his image, the down home, good ol' boy. 

My only question is if T.O or Ocho Cinco had been accused of this how many hours of coverage would ESPN devote to this.  Stank-0 is watching ESPN and ESPN2 right now and not a peep.  MSM, your non-colorblindness is showing.

Stank-0 knows why John Madden didn't call last night's game because he was in his RV with both of his wrists slit and a water hose connected to the tail pipe in the RV. 

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