Big XII opening weekend!

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Finally conference play has popped off! 

Mizzou showed why they are in the top 5 with a convincing win over Nebraska.  It was downright humiliating.  Mizzou hung 52 on Big Red in Lincoln, NE.  Not a good look.  It pains me as a Kansas alum to say this, but Chase Daniel is looking like a serious Heisman frontrunner.  It was their first dub in in Lincoln in more than 30 years.

The Jayhawks rallied to get past Iowa State.  Down 20-0 at half, Kansas came storming back to win 35-33.  Yes sir, the Hawks showed some poise today. 

The Sooners absolutely humbled Baylor.  The Sooners certainly looked like the #1 team in America today, however, against Baylor that's damn near reverse point shaving

The Buffs got hooked!  The Longhorns simply punished Colorado.  It was merciless. 

Texas Tech passed all over Kansas State!  :D  That almost makes me as glad as Kansas' comeback win.  Life is good right now. 

The Aggies' win streak against the Okies has been broken.  As an Aggie alum was fond of telling me, they owned the Okies.  That's all past tense now. 

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