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Mr. Media Favorite, Tim Tebow, and his FL Gatahs got dealt with by Ole Miss, 31-30. More college updates forthcoming.

UPDATE!: Wisconsin must have put grease on the football because Michigan has fumbled about 5 times in 3 quarters. They are currently down 19-7 with :21 left in the 3rd.

UPDATE2: Michigan has reawakened and scored 14 points in less than one minute. First a nice draw play for a TD, then a T.INT for a TD on a tip drill. We have ourselves a ballgame now.

UPDATE3: Alabama slapped Georgia around. They jumped out to a 31-0 halftime lead. Iz u surrious, Georgia? UGA tried to make it interesting with some late scores but it didn't make any difference. Has Alabama made a case for the top 5? Is Nick Saban worth every penny of the 4 Mil?

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