The last game

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The New York Yankees just finished their last game in the old stadium.  They won 7-5, against the Baltimore Orioles, but that's immaterial. 

One of the most glorious stadium in sports, the ghosts of old, the simplicity, the age made the House that Ruth Built the most hallowed baseball stadium and one of the most hallowed stadiums on the planet.

Stank-0 was worried that all the history would stay in Ruth's House but it feels like it will transfer to the New Yankee stadium because of their fans.  Some of the fans showed up at 7A to get in early to trot on the field.  Fans could be seen on ESPN chipped paint off to take home as momentos. 

Farewell, Ruth's House, the memories have been grand.  Stank-0 regrets that he NEVER got to set foot in that stadium. 

Current Yankee Stadium Closes After 85 Years

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