I'z is so sorry

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Mario Chalmers and Darrell Arthur have agolopized (apologized for the uninitiated) for being caught with reefer. Actually, they denied having any weed on their person.

Management then left to get security, which used its own key to enter the room minutes later. Once inside, security found Chalmers, Arthur and at least two women, sources told Broussard. There was a strong stench of marijuana in the room, and one person was in the bathroom with the door locked, repeatedly flushing the toilet, sources said.

The police were called to the room, which they searched, but neither marijuana nor drug paraphernalia was found. Representatives from the players' association were also on the scene by that time, sources told Broussard.

Now they are each working on their image, community service, foundations, etc.

Good move, gentlemen, but it should have been done sooner.

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