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As the college football world expected, SoCal rolled OSU, 35-3. 

Stank-0 walked into a house party towards the end of the 3rd Q, and it was 21-3. 

Stank-0 called this one in a prior blog post.

There was even a segment where an analyst broke down game film from SC's game against UVA to make the case for OSU making this competitive past halftime. Whatever, mayne!

Stank-0 was of the opinion that Beanie Wells would make this game more competitive, but Beanie would not have made up a 32 point deficit, by himself.

The highlights (lowlights if you are a Buckeyes fan) of the *cough* game of the year *cough*. 

Ohio State vs. USC 2008 highlights 35-3

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